Practice (2)

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How many ordered pairs of positive integers $(a, b, c)$ that can satisfy $$\left\{\begin{array}{ll}ab + bc &= 44\\ ac + bc &=23\end{array}\right.$$

How many ordered pairs of integers $(x, y)$ satisfy $0 < x < y$ and $\sqrt{1984} = \sqrt{x} + \sqrt{y}$?

Two of the three sides of a triangle are 20 and 15. Which of the following numbers is not a possible perimeter of the triangle?

Mr. Patrick teaches math to 15 students. He was grading tests and found that when he graded everyone's test except Payton's, the average grade for the class was 80. after he graded Payton's test, the class average became 81. What was Payton's score on the test?


A collection of circles in the upper half-plane, all tangent to the $x$-axis, is constructed in layers as follows. Layer $L_0$ consists of two circles of radii $70^2$ and $73^2$ that are externally tangent. For $k\ge1$, the circles in $\bigcup_{j=0}^{k-1}L_j$ are ordered according to their points of tangency with the $x$-axis. For every pair of consecutive circles in this order, a new circle is constructed externally tangent to each of the two circles in the pair. Layer $L_k$ consists of the $2^{k-1}$ circles constructed in this way. Let $S=\bigcup_{j=0}^{6}L_j$, and for every circle $C$ denote by $r(C)$ its radius. What is \[\sum_{C\in S} \frac{1}{\sqrt{r(C)}}?\] 

Amelia needs to estimate the quantity $\frac{a}{b} - c$, where $a, b,$ and $c$ are large positive integers. She rounds each of the integers so that the calculation will be easier to do mentally. In which of these situations will her answer necessarily be greater than the exact value of $\frac{a}{b} - c$?

A box contains 2 red marbles, 2 green marbles, and 2 yellow marbles. Carol takes 2 marbles from the box at random; then Claudia takes 2 of the remaining marbles at random; and then Cheryl takes the last 2 marbles. What is the probability that Cheryl gets 2 marbles of the same color?

Integers $x$ and $y$ with $x>y>0$ satisfy $x+y+xy=80$. What is $x$?

On a sheet of paper, Isabella draws a circle of radius $2$, a circle of radius $3$, and all possible lines simultaneously tangent to both circles. Isabella notices that she has drawn exactly $k \ge 0$ lines. How many different values of $k$ are possible?

The parabolas $y=ax^2 - 2$ and $y=4 - bx^2$ intersect the coordinate axes in exactly four points, and these four points are the vertices of a kite of area $12$. What is $a+b$?

A league with $12$ teams holds a round-robin tournament, with each team playing every other team exactly once. Games either end with one team victorious or else end in a draw. A team scores $2$ points for every game it wins and $1$ point for every game it draws. Which of the following is NOT a true statement about the list of $12$ scores?

What is the value of $a$ for which $\frac{1}{\text{log}_2a} + \frac{1}{\text{log}_3a} + \frac{1}{\text{log}_4a} = 1$?

What is the minimum number of digits to the right of the decimal point needed to express the fraction $\frac{123456789}{2^{26}\cdot 5^4}$ as a decimal?

The zeros of the function $f(x) = x^2-ax+2a$ are integers. What is the sum of the possible values of $a$?

Isosceles triangles $T$ and $T'$ are not congruent but have the same area and the same perimeter. The sides of $T$ have lengths $5$, $5$, and $8$, while those of $T'$ have lengths $a$, $a$, and $b$. Which of the following numbers is closest to $b$?

A circle of radius r passes through both foci of, and exactly four points on, the ellipse with equation $x^2+16y^2=16.$ The set of all possible values of $r$ is an interval $[a,b).$ What is $a+b?$

For each positive integer $n$, let $S(n)$ be the number of sequences of length $n$ consisting solely of the letters $A$ and $B$, with no more than three $A$s in a row and no more than three $B$s in a row. What is the remainder when $S(2015)$ is divided by $12$?

Rational numbers $a$ and $b$ are chosen at random among all rational numbers in the interval $[0,2)$ that can be written as fractions $\frac{n}{d}$ where $n$ and $d$ are integers with $1 \le d \le 5$. What is the probability that \[(\text{cos}(a\pi)+i\text{sin}(b\pi))^4\] is a real number?

What is the value of $2-(-2)^{-2}$ ?

Isaac has written down one integer two times and another integer three times. The sum of the five numbers is 100, and one of the numbers is 28. What is the other number?

David, Hikmet, Jack, Marta, Rand, and Todd were in a $12$-person race with $6$ other people. Rand finished $6$ places ahead of Hikmet. Marta finished $1$ place behind Jack. David finished $2$ places behind Hikmet. Jack finished $2$ places behind Todd. Todd finished $1$ place behind Rand. Marta finished in $6^{th}$ place. Who finished in $8^{th}$ place?


The Tigers beat the Sharks $2$ out of $3$ times they played. They then played $N$ more times, and the Sharks ended up winning at least $95\%$ of all the games played. What is the minimum possible value for $N$?

Back in 1930, Tillie had to memorize her multiplication facts from $0 \times 0$ to $12 \times 12$. The multiplication table she was given had rows and columns labeled with the factors, and the products formed the body of the table. To the nearest hundredth, what fraction of the numbers in the body of the table are odd?

A regular 15-gon has $L$ lines of symmetry, and the smallest positive angle for which it has rotational symmetry is $R$ degrees. What is $L+R$ ?

What is the value of $(625^{\log_5 2015})^{\frac{1}{4}}$ ?