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Margie's car can go 32 miles on a gallon of gas, and gas currently costs \$4 per gallon. How many miles can Margie drive on \$20 worth of gas?

Eleven members of the Middle School Math Club each paid the same amount for a guest speaker to talk about problem solving at their math club meeting. They paid their guest speaker \$ $\underline{1}\underline{A}\underline{2}$. What is the missing digit A of this 3-digit number?


In $\bigtriangleup ABC$, $D$ is a point on side $\overline{AC}$ such that $BD=DC$ and $\angle BCD$ measures $70^\circ$. What is the degree measure of $\angle ADB$? 


Rectangle $ABCD$ and right triangle $DCE$ have the same area. They are joined to form a trapezoid, as shown. What is $DE$?


The circumference of the circle with center $O$ is divided into 12 equal arcs, marked the letters $A$ through $L$ as seen below. What is the number of degrees in the sum of the angles $x$ and $y$?


Rectangle $ABCD$ has sides $CD=3$ and $DA=5$. A circle of radius $1$ is centered at $A$, a circle of radius $2$ is centered at $B$, and a circle of radius $3$ is centered at $C$. Which of the following is closest to the area of the region inside the rectangle but outside all three circles?

A 2-digit number is such that the product of the digits plus the sum of the digits is equal to the number. What is the unit digit of the number?


A straight one-mile stretch of highway, $40$ feet wide, is closed. Robert rides his bike on a path composed of semicircles as shown. If he rides at $5$ miles per hour, how many hours will it take to cover the one-mile stretch? Note: $1$ mile= $5280$ feet

Connie multiplies a number by 2 and gets 60 as her answer. However, she should have divided the number by 2 to get the correct answer. What is the correct answer?

Karl bought five folders from Pay-A-Lot at a cost of $\$2.50$ each. Pay-A-Lot had a 20%-off sale the following day. How much could Karl have saved on the purchase by waiting a day?

What is the minimum number of small squares that must be colored black so that a line of symmetry lies on the diagonal $\overline{BD}$ of square $ABCD$?

A square and a triangle have equal perimeters. The lengths of the three sides of the triangle are 6.1 cm, 8.2 cm and 9.7 cm. What is the area of the square in square centimeters?


Soda is sold in packs of $6$, $12$ and $24$ cans. What is the minimum number of packs needed to buy exactly $90$ cans of soda?

Suppose $d$ is a digit. For how many values of $d$ is $2.00d5 > 2.005$?

Bill walks $\tfrac12$ mile south, then $\tfrac34$ mile east, and finally $\tfrac12$ mile south. How many miles is he, in a direct line, from his starting point?

Suppose m and n are positive odd integers. Which of the following must also be an odd integer?

In quadrilateral $ABCD$, sides $\overline{AB}$ and $\overline{BC}$ both have length 10, sides $\overline{CD}$ and $\overline{DA}$ both have length 17, and the measure of angle $ADC$ is $60^\circ$. What is the length of diagonal $\overline{AC}$?

Joe had walked half way from home to school when he realized he was late. He ran the rest of the way to school. He ran 3 times as fast as he walked. Joe took 6 minutes to walk half way to school. How many minutes did it take Joe to get from home to school?

The sales tax rate in Bergville is 6%. During a sale at the Bergville Coat Closet, the price of a coat is discounted 20% from its \$90.00 price. Two clerks, Jack and Jill, calculate the bill independently. Jack rings up \$90.00 and adds 6% sales tax, then subtracts 20% from this total. Jill rings up \$90.00, subtracts 20% of the price, then adds 6% of the discounted price for sales tax. What is Jack's total minus Jill's total?

Big Al, the ape, ate 100 bananas from May 1 through May 5. Each day he ate six more bananas than on the previous day. How many bananas did Big Al eat on May 5?

The area of polygon $ABCDEF$ is 52 with $AB= 8$, $BC = 9$ and $FA= 5$. What is $DE + EF$?

The Little Twelve Basketball Conference has two divisions, with six teams in each division. Each team plays each of the other teams in its own division twice and every team in the other division once. How many conference games are scheduled?

How many different isosceles triangles have integer side lengths and perimeter 23?

A five-legged Martian has a drawer full of socks, each of which is red, white or blue, and there are at least five socks of each color. The Martian pulls out one sock at a time without looking. How many socks must the Martian remove from the drawer to be certain there will be 5 socks of the same color?

The results of a cross-country team's training run are graphed below. Which student has the greatest average speed?