A Handbook of Stock Options Charts

A Handbook of Stock Options Charts

This booklet serves as a supplement to the book  Trade Stock Options  by the same author, aimed at providing a quick reference to all the relevant charts presented in the original book.

Profitable trading of stock options requires an understanding of certain intrinsic properties of stock options, as well as the dynamics between the price of a stock option and various market elements. Charts are invaluable tools for visualizing these properties and dynamics, offering substantial assistance. For instance, the Theta curve lays the groundwork for some proven trading strategies, suitable for both income generation and speculation.

However, it is crucial to recognize that interpreting a chart without context can lead to misunderstandings. Executing trades based on such misunderstandings is a surefire recipe for failure. Therefore, readers are strongly advised to refer back to the aforementioned book for a comprehensive description when necessary. It is important to never trade based on the assumed meanings of these charts.

A Kindle version is also available at here.

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